With my art, I want to elevate the obvious image to another level so that it can resonate with the viewer symbolically, even mythically. To that end, I go beyond snapshots of reality and draw on esoteric and antiquated symbols and cultural allusions that make the viewer really think about what it is they are seeing instead of having just a superficial interaction.  To engage viewers more deeply, I employ multiple layers in my work.  I contrast detailed drawings with colorful backgrounds that are often embellished with gold leaf, taking a seemingly traditional drawing over the top.  You can look at the image as a whole, but if you take the time, there are layers you can shift through that provide a deeper meaning or multiple meanings . . .  much of it recalling something of an older age but reimagined with a modern perspective. Using points of reference from different art styles of the past, I invoke influences that have been significant to me.  For example, stylistically, I love the kitsch of religious iconography especially when it’s juxtaposed with images that are usually seen as antithetical.  With these multiple layers, be it content or style, various perspectives can be obtained for different viewers.  

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