Under a Romani Moon  . . . 2019.  Graphite, acrylic and resin on 8" x 10" cradled wood panel.

Pazuzu . . . 2019. Graphite, and coffee on 11" x 19" art board cut to shape of frame.

Lil' Bibbins . . . 2019. Graphite, acrylic, and resin on 34"x16" wood panel cut to shape of doll.

Lil' Bibbins . . . detail

Over There . . . 2018. Graphite, charcoal, white pencil, acrylic, and resin on 32"x32" wood panel.

Here Lies . . . 2018. Graphite and acrylic on 6 x 12 on cradled wood board.  Sold

He Comes For You  2018 . . . graphite, white pencil, and coffee on 9 1/4" x 15 1/2" art board cut to shape of frame. 

Kid Funkadelic . . . 2018. Graphite, charcoal, acrylic, color pencils, resin and ceramic knob on 9" x 25" wood panel mounted to 11" x 27" painted plywood.

Mawu  2017 . . . graphite, acrylic, white pencil, sumi ink, gold leaf and coffee on 22 1/2" x 30" art board.  Mawu was the Dahomey goddess  of the sun and moon. The Kingdom of Dahomey was located in what now is Benin. Wikipedia states that "Slaves taken from Dahomey to the Caribbean used elements of the religion to form Vodou and other religions of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora." 

Chatty Baby (with Facial Wounds Sustained at the Battle of Ypres)  2017 . . . graphite, acrylic, white pencil and coffee on 8" x 10" art board.

Chatty Baby (With Facial Wounds Sustained at the Battle of Ypres) . . . detail  

The Pip's Pear 2017 . . . graphite, acrylic, gold leaf and coffee on 19.5" x 13.5" art board cut to oval.  The "Pope's Pear" or the "Pear of Anguish," was an oral, rectal, and vaginal torture device (used skillfully by the Church in the middle ages) represented here as a baby rattle in the doll-like hands of the Pip Monster. 

Ghost Man (Algernon Blackwood) 2017 . . . graphite and coffee on 8 x 10 art board.  My portrait of supernatural and horror writer Algernon Blackwood.            Sold

Ghost Man . . . framed

Bukimi 2017 . . . graphite, acrylic,, white pencil, gold and copper leaf, and coffee on a 17" x 14" art board.  Bukimi is a Japanese word that means eerie, ominous, or weird.  


Bukimi detail.

Nelson  2017 . . . graphite, acrylic, acrylic ink and coffee on art board cut to fit round frame (inside opening 6" diameter).


Sidonia von Borcke 2017 . . . graphite, acrylic, ink , white pencil and coffee on a 18" x 13" art board.  "Sidonia the Sorceress" was beheaded and then immolated for being a witch in 1620 (supposedly she would also engage in sexual union with the devil in the guise of her cat Chim).  In reality she was a noblewoman from the Duchy of Pomerania  who made enemies of the powers that be through numerous lawsuits and accusations.   Much later, Sidonia became a source of inspiration for art and literature, especially for the Pre-Raphaelites.  

The Morrígan 2017 . . . graphite, acrylic ink and coffee on a 11" x 14" art board cut to oval.   In Irish mythology, the Morrigan (often called the “phantom queen” and depicted as a crow) is associated with fate and foretelling death in battle, akin to the Valkyries of Norse mythology.

The Earth-Eating Woman 2017 . . . graphite,  acrylic, acrylic ink and coffee on 12 x 12 art board.

Belphegor's Prime 2017 . . . graphite, acrylic, ink and coffee on a 16" x 20" art board with enamel on Plexiglas.  Belphegor, according to legend, was a demon associated with slothfulness who spread discord by granting wealth.  Belphegor's Prime is a palindromic prime number with "666" in the center flanked by 13 zeros and a 1 on either side for a total of 31 digits, which is 13 backwards!   

Belphegor's Prime detail.

Cerridwen  2016/2017 . . . acrylic, gold leaf and porcelain knobs on 12 x 12 wood panel on old barn planks embellished with gold ink.  Sold

Cerridwen detail.

Character of Spirit "H" (2016 . . . Reworked 2017) . . . Graphite, acrylic, gold leaf and coffee. 11" x 14" art board.  

The Grimoire (2016) . . . Graphite, acrylic, ink, coffee on 20" x 30" art board.  Source material from an original photo of mine. 


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