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A few selections of my artwork from the last couple of years.

(Unnamed) Heidi  2017 . . . graphite, white colored pencil and coffee on art board cut to two 4 x 6 panels.
Self-Portrait (as Federal Soldier with Amputation of Right Arm and Right Leg) 2016 . . . Graphite, acrylic, white colored pencil and coffee on 18x24 art board.
Ilex (2016) . . . Graphite, acrylic, gold leaf and coffee on 12" x 18"  art board.
LVSt H (2015) . . . Graphite on paper.   Model for the drawing is the incomparable Miss H of California.  I  can not thank "miss h" enough for all of her support and inspiration.  
Detail of LVSt H
Side-by-side view of LVSt H with source photo.  The photo is of and by photographer/model/inspiration, Miss H of California.  It was used with permission.
Mia and Her Babies (2015) . . . Graphite on paper.  Drawn as a gift for artist Mia Makila.  It is a representation of her surrounded by some of her groovy creations.
Claudia (2013) . . . Graphite on paper.  Museworthy (Claudia) is a figure model whose blog helped to inspire me to create art again.  Private collection.
E Conchis Omnia (2006) . . . oil on 8" x 10" canvas board.  Honorable Mention Professional Painting, US Bank Celebration of the Arts 2006 Open Art Exhibition, Bowling Green, KY.
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